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dijous, 20 març de 2014

Really, What can be able to do? and What can’t?

After Napoleonic wars the new king of France (Louis XVIII) was worried about the delay in in industrial technology. War was isolated United Kingdom but their steam machines raised in productivity while the continent machines were stalled. So Louis XVIII was sent to England an engineer named Sadi Carnot for to see and to copy what England industries where doing in their machines.
The surprise was that machines are equal as before war. What had happened? In fact it was happening one thing impossible in the thermodynamic theory of epoch. Watt and their heirs had the patent of steam machine until 1800 (in middle of Napoleonic war) and it born a lot of companies dedicated to build machines steam; and this new companies apply an empirical evidence discovered by mechanical that repair this machines: as great is the temperature better is the machine performance. This evidence was in contradiction to the Caloric theory, and when Watt had been building machines never increase more the temperature (minimum to generate steam) because with the increase of temperature is join the increase of pressure and the mechanical problems that produces (and dangerous situation also). But with freedom to build machines temperatures (and deaths for explosion) increased, at the same time performance and industrial profit increased also. Carnot returned to France with the revolutionary idea, and he devised a machine cycle for maximum performance (Carnot Cycle) and one theorem which prove it. Sure he had seen as a new National hero when exposed his discover in the France Academy, but he died in ostracism.

October 1920 issue of Popular Science magazine, on perpetual motion. 

Carnot died thinking he was a failure man, but his discover become in the basis of 2on thermodynamic law that buried the Caloric theory. Second law gives us the direction of processes and one important item: we always pay a price when we want extracting energy. There are some equivalent formulations about the 2on but only one arithmetic formulation of this, Clausius introduced a new physical quantity called entropy, and we can resume 2on as only can be possible processes that entropy increase (or stay equal in reversible processes).

It exist one kind of machines which are finding by inventors in the last 300 years named “machines of perpetual motion”. These are a chimera of energy without end. These machines thanks to use all kink of tricks will never stop without need energy in first stadium; but after we would extract energy of them with any cost. Obviously this is impossible because it contradicts the first law of thermodynamics, and is very difficult that someone is working in its direction, except amateur inventors without minimum formation. But exist at 2on kind of machine of perpetual motion, and here things are more difficult to distinct. Perpetual Motion’s Machine of 2on kind is a machine which doesn’t comply with the second law of thermodynamics.

Second law people can’t understand too well. First law is more intuitive, and even inventors which show machines out of 1st law never thing in create energy of nothing. Second law is other thing; entropy, order and distribution of probabilities need some knowledge prior to taking it. Second law say also that is impossible to take all the energy of a hot source, we always must trash some energy, but this concept is the more difficult to understand by the people and it’s usually don’t think in how we left the residual hot, and this is summarized to the energy taking. However to profit all the energy when our better profit never pass to 80% is too good to let it lose.

Today, all kind of widgets run or they intent to run around the world, with the purpose to solve the current energy problem. Sometimes machines work well but its performance isn’t more inferior than inventor thinks; other times machines don’t work (but have very encouraging results). Obviously first and second could be wrong but there are many examples that both are correct. Nevertheless we don’t close any door and all must be prove; but before of selling the ultimate solution to our ills better we sure ours basis.

The problem isn’t that people make machines which don’t run; problem is to publisher it without an accompanying critical that gives criterion at public. If inventor that we assume to have sufficient knowledge could be wrong; people without these knowledge only understand the headline, and more times headline has too enthusiasm.

The current energy problem will not solve with magical solutions. 2on law we can’t leave it aside, there are more deep reasons that 2on law is true. Science is the solution but we need before put it in value in front the popular beliefs, and it’s is needed as general people as politicians and other social actors. We can’t waste energy with the rate we do now, and any renewable energy can supply fossil, because we are waste every day, energy stored in decades. Saving is the painful solution and don’t expect one bizarre solution which solve the problem. God makes miracles sometimes but mankind only can follow the natural laws.  

dimecres, 5 març de 2014

The carbon bubble

Atmospheric CO2 is arriving other time at 400 ppm. Obviously last moths it was under mythic threshold but to follow the sawtooth graphic seems that the problem was overcome, but on the contrary graphic trend is growing in exponential. However as I related in “Are 400 ppm of CO2 the border to beginning the Armageddon, or not?” to pass the threshold doesn’t mean that climate begins a spiral of weather disasters. Deniers, in their crusade against the evidence in climate, have profit of a cool winter for beginning their ridiculous idea of Global Cooling. Global Cooling is possible but to put tones of CO2 in atmosphere isn’t a solution because Earth will be heating until CO2 and temperature will take other time the equilibrium; but in other hand high CO2 could do a rebound effect which will carry climate to the Ice Age (read “The day after Tomorrow”)

CO2 is growing and nobody does anything. The more powerful oil industry moves all of its influences for to stop any initiative to reduce emissions so every CO2 tone not emitted are barrels of oil not burned and dollars not charged. In a suicide attitude only moved for greed and ignorance, our economic power only thing in drill oil or carbon, and burned it obviously. Their solution in front the evidence of Global warming is deny it, and waste amount of money to disseminating information against to create doubt in the public opinion. 

But economy crisis crash in half the fantastic business of Oil. Just before of crisis oil arrived at Extraction Oil Peak where prices are beginning at exponential price, but crisis stops demand and prices down. However Oil price isn’t following the market rules, production is modulate by demands as price never down, and in other hand governments subsidizes the purchase of it by the energy producers. Other action that impedes the market logical in oil is the purchase in future; oil that is extracted today was paying some years before so nobody wants any downing of prices because it will be the ruin. Oil price is artificial.

Oil madness is penetrating in all economic stamens. When every economic sector has problems to survive, money sees in oil (easy and testing business) one secure value and an opportunity to earn greats amounts of money. New systems to drill it have opened this business at new operators: Fracking, TAR… democratizes (as it somehow) the closed world of oil. But until today OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) has the production control, but the new operators in the business are out of its influence, and more of the new drilling zones are in countries until today costumers of OPEC, which see fantastic to break free the dependence with it. The consequence is the uncontrolled increase of stock. We would think that it down the prices but no; because the new drill system are less efficient than conventional and more expensive; so prices are up even in increase of stocks. 

Summarize of all is an artificial price in one side and increase of stocks for other. First hold a fantastic profit of Oil business which attracts more money into this business; second generate a problem of storage. The more incongruent is how can’t see something that is physical? Well people that put money are in clean offices far of mountains of TAR. Oil and Coal (which is playing in this dangerous game) are only numbers, who invest in them, and they products generate high profit which is mixed with other financial products and finally they are including in the pension plan which is paying for you.

The hardening of the crisis (currently only improve financial returns) and prices high are reducing the oil consumption. In other hand the climate problem requires reducing the consumption of hydrocarbon and coal. But capitalism needs hard values with speeding growing as Oil and Coal which is leveraged sector; today carbon finances are far of its bases and disaster is close to exploit. Sometimes one planned action has jeopardized the whole world, but now we are in front of collective illusion that carries us to the same finish. The carbon bubble will explode sooner and it will have gone the current society.

dijous, 27 febrer de 2014

The consumer society

During the last days the EU for the umpteenth time, recommending a reduction in salaries Greek, Spanish and Portuguese workers. The question is More? Really salaries can down more; we can only consider payment zero the lower bound (to pay for work only happens for hobbies). We also may ask when it will take to have servitude contracts (pay for food and lodging) or directly slavery. Down salaries when inflation continues to rise, it seems total nonsense, nonsense that goes against the consumer society in which we operate.

The consumer society is based on the constant consumption of goods. Currently repair or transfer of goods to be completely useless. Everything is throwing, everything has short time in use, consumer goods older in design but not in utility or use, Wasting is the basis of the modern economy, using throwing is the current motto. But this implies that there must be a sufficient mass of potential consumers willing with power to consume; we have consumers, with motivation also, but they are very poor will just consume the minimum to live, which breaks the chain of consumption.

Really have they thought well about lower salaries in the EU? Probably yes. Although considering their ability to Numerical Analysis (Per fer models numèrics cal saber matemàtiques) all could be possible. But we think that the consumer society is heritage of capitalism, in fact capitalism isn’t based on the consumer society; capitalism is based on the capital. Looking operations worldwide observe that the majority (75% of all economic transactions) are a financial-speculative. Capitalism isn’t cheating anybody because capital is about money (Capital), in the previous stage Commercialism was when everything was based on trade. In fact the perfect capitalist enterprise is one that only moves capital, Enron in the USA has gotten the first power company without generating sources, without mass distribution, without marketing units, and without clients (brutal), also we must say that it burned like a torch when the scandal of California energy deficit.

During the economic crisis they raced to save the banks, however they left to fend for people less fortunate. And gradually in the boiler burned where the outcasts of the Earth is beginning to have overbooking, more and more people fall into the spiral that leads to the pit of no return. On the one hand there is an action to carry to precarious the life of ordinary people, which they called middle class, but mostly we are fine to complete lack of idea that makes it even crueler for transit crisis. Instead the help to banks although it seems counterproductive was necessary in front the disaster which was coming, if they allowed down banks the savings, checking accounts, insurance, pension ... had disappeared, crippling the world economy; banks and ultimately capital has kidnapped the economy.

Capitalism fucks the market of goods and services which in principle would be real. Its market is the monetary, of the stock (utterly unrelated companies, goods and other things which are representing their root) and especially speculation gains. For other side industrial production needs to cheap cost to achieve capital gains, to get it first it must cheaper raw materials, and other side lower salaries. The raw materials we could say that they are free, they are in nature and should only collect the cost is the labor to get them (this includes energy production). So everything just cheapening the manpower that can be done in two ways down the number of workers or lowering the wages to pay them. Thanks to mechanization it has happened the first: lower the number of workers, but the desperation of discarded it has also lowered the salary of the few working, companies get total return.

The welfare state, which melts as it passes the crisis, was only a maneuver to stop the advance of communism in the early XX century and which was maintained during the century, while there were socialist countries. After missing the socialist states the welfare state was no longer necessary, and taking advantage of the crisis has begun to dismantle. But the advent of the welfare state grew base of potential consumers which does an increase in demand, what is sometimes called virtuous circle. But the virtuous circle has a limitation, growth can’t be infinite. On the other hand industrial production based on low wages, inconsistent with a consumer population, so they send production to third world were on one side and increased mechanization. But two things were causing the demise of work in the welfare Western, thing that made the current results: not work to people; but without the army of Western consumers and mechanization extreme, current third world will haven't worked soon.

We have a wrong view of the consumer society; capitalism appears in the XIX century and we just read the realistic novels of its current time to check hell where most Europeans of this century had lived. So the consumer society was just a secondary effect of the welfare state, but one side has a better life expectancy, dramatically broken today, and another it has led to an intolerable environmental pressure on the planet it also is about to burst.

To down salaries is the only thing that they should think to the EU to obtain that the salary isn’t so decisive and it able to employ more people. This tactic already done the Franco dictatorship where wages were paupers but there was gotten full employment, but the state had been rescued by the OECD in the 60s. As Karl Marx said, "Capitalism is a giant with feet of clay" and now we return to the situation inexorably nineteenth century neo-liberal prophets might do well to read "Das Capital" if their arrogance and ignorance leave them.

divendres, 14 febrer de 2014

Climate Change will lead humans toward global war

Humans had begun their history more before of 100.000 years ago. In this time interval had lived several changes of climate. There was softly as a little ice age between XVI and XVIII centuries but others had been very strong as a finish of Würm glaciation. But any of these changes ware harmless for humans; in every change humans experience changes their current society even greats imperium ware downed as Roman. Sometimes historians talk about problems which carry this societies to the collapse, but several of this causes have origin in climate changes which difficult communications and make problems in economy so it will become fuel that increase the little problems which these societies have before.
Human have the habit to do the same mistake every time. Science, the main motor of our develop, is always despise by the beliefs, even when these beliefs were proving that are wrong. One of these wrong beliefs is that humans has above the nature; it doesn’t matter that every day we have probes of our mistake (Philippines typhoon 2013, Polar vortex, England floods…) we believe that we want to believe.

In current days we are experiencing several extreme weather capitols due to global warning. Some people deny this change but majority of people is agreeing in diagnostic but current human society doesn’t do anything or the few actions are weak in front the size of problem. Many people don’t want to change their current and comfortable way of life; but in background of this attitude there are the conviction of humans can adapt to the change with no more problems thanks to the technology: people until today it has managed to solve of all. This last affirmation is false because humans had a lot of black periods of their history. Nothing is sure and every species sooner or later will extinct.
Time ago I has write about the perfect storm that is becoming. But I prefer today talk about the article of Nicholas SternClimate change is here now and it could lead to global conflict”. They talk about climate affect people and society and how with every new strike of extreme weather people becoming poorer. Economy can’t suffer indefinitely these strikes and in time conflict is unavoidable.

Thinking in a climate peacefully transit is a chimera. We don’t know the real final direction of climate (cool or heat), but today global warming is a fact. The quantity of energy stored in Earth’s climate system grows day by day, even if temperatures don’t rise (read: are temperatures stopped). Increase of energy is linked with extreme weather increase. In other hand CO2 continues growing part due to increase of temperatures (feedback effect) part due to the folly environmental policy (Warsaw disaster). So extreme weather will increase, and communication, industry and agriculture will receive the consequences, in no more years we could see images in developed countries that we thinking only possible in third world.

Our world is adapted to the current climate. Our geography and ecosystems depends of climate, and changes requires adaptation which will not be as quick as it require because we have made the optimization our main key of success but optimization is often contrary to the flexibility. Many societies will collapse in front of change as today happen in undeveloped countries where population flees of them. Obviously the current migration is due to other problems but hungry, droughts, floods and desertization are in the basis of it, and climate is close relate to them.
Today migration is moving several million people in the entire world, and it’s making in troubles developer countries. What could it happen when migration will be moving thousand million people? How developer countries can stop million people in front their borders? And How could governments hold social peace when their streets will be full of people without possibilities to eat? The answer is they can't. Authoritarian governments and false messiahs will appear as in countries where received migration as population is forced to migrate; fight is unavoidable.

Climate change is the greatest challenge that affronts humanity in the lasts 10,500 years, and in this remote past humans hadn’t a global society and less to be 7,000 million people. It’s less probable that humanity will be stinted of climate (but we will not be the first, mainly this is the usual form how extinct species), but our civilization could dead under a global war. In our hands and intelligence are the future of our species, don’t disappoint our children

dijous, 9 gener de 2014

Will Global Cooling be arriving?

Today USA is suffering a very extreme cool wave. This cool wave is due to Polar Vortex. In fact it isn’t an exceptional meteorological situation, but luckily it isn’t usual. Perhaps the exceptional situation is the frequency what are doing extreme weather situations of all kind and in everywhere of planet. Climate is destabilizing month in month and weather news take protagonist in TV and press. But in front of this data there are deniers that are claiming that the weather continues as usual and these episodes are only little perturbation into normal.

Also there are other kind of skeptics, as I write in There are argues no valid and there are argues wrong, the Imminent Global Cooling Advisors. These people have other discuss, they think that climate is entering an Ice Age. I could be agree with them (The day after Tomorrow) but they argues aren’t right. In fact their intention is to stop all possible Climate Change action, in special to reduce emission of CO2, it’s arguing that the way to avoid the arrival of the freezing issue is more greenhouse gases. Obviously to increase more the emissions could put us in a very problematic position about climate where what can happen is unpredictable (Are 400 ppm of CO2 the border to beginning the Armageddon, or not?).

This January skeptics of global cooling have two sources based on their theories. One site is USA and Canada, but the second and more surprises is the Antarctic Sea. The severe cool wave in America is hard but possible, and it’s happening in winter when weather is cool. But Antarctic see is other thing. Fists it seems like a joke, a chip with tourists and scientists who study global warming, is blocked by the ace, the chip that is sending to save the trapped one is trapped also. Second in Antarctic see is summer and ice must melts but unusual cool wave for the dates are trapping chips. The irony is that a group of scientists who study global warming are trapped by the ace.   
This year it’s observing that Antarctic ice winter has had a maximum in extension, while the Arctic ice is suffering minimal every day in its summer. Skeptical take this data as an evidence of climate cooling. However it would seem that this behavior is normal when analyzing long time periods. In “Asynchrony of Antarctic and Greenland climate change during the last glacial period” writers show that exists an asynchrony between cold and warm periods between the Earth's poles. Writers don’t know why it happen but happen. So when in North Pole summer temperatures are high (as is happen the current summers), South Pole temperatures and weather conditions are becoming harden and cooler.
The question is: What mechanism is doing the asynchrony? And how is doing? But what isn’t shown is the arrival of an ice age. First we are into an Ice Age (Cenozoic) and tempered weather that north hemisphere is enjoying and glaciations are only oscillations. Second to snow doesn’t prove nothing (except the temperature is down of 0 Celsius degrees), even in Cretaceous had snowed. 

What we must worry us is the succession of hard episodes: west Europe storm of autumn (ie Four die as storm hits southern UK), typhoon in Filipinas … and these episodes every day are more violent and there are more in number. These are showing us that energy in atmosphere is growing, even when temperatures seems are stopped. Climate change is running and we are doing nothing to palliate, on the contrary we are fueling the fire.

The cool global weather that news is showing today is only the consequence of two phenomena in coincidence. In one site an inter pole mechanism which is so much knowing; on the other hand a meteorological phenomenon supercharged energy. How much energy we introduce the climate system more virulent will be climatic episodes, even cool episodes.  All that will accelerate climate change if it is both hot and cold, so increase or maintain the current level of emissions leads to a new climate which the economy and our structures aren't ready. If we see that cool arrives in your home, turn one fire; fire gives you energy for survive but its CO2 emission doesn’t stop a possible Ice Age, on contrary it accelerate more.

dijous, 2 gener de 2014

Inheritance absolutist

Certain newspaper called 'society' which speaks of events and social relevance. I do not mean union or neighborhood events, but rather acts of so-called high society, ie the rich people and high political relevance. These events are characterized by an aesthetic of luxury, where circulating, as I said, people which are occupying high positions in the social scale; mixed in them we can find persons that their degree isn’t achieved through academic merits or how they worked during their lives, but simply by to be born into a particular family. These people which are 'special' they are the lords of old aristocracy world.

Because guillotine was able to clean world of these people neither in France at finish of eighteenth century incredibly. In a globalized meritocracy world or supposedly, these people inherited from feudalism, not only in Europe, remain relevant and influential people. For example, institutions that enjoy a reputation as the IOC* basically  it’s constituted by such people, who have the great merit to have a distant ancestor who was a weapon of mass destruction with legs apart they practiced sometime sport. We might think that much of his influence comes from being rich, and it is true most are extremely wealthy, taking advantage of their old privileges were monopolized much of the wealth and resources; through this now they can occupy positions of power in great companies, institutions and influence policy decisions.
But it is not only the economic power that gives them the possibility of still playing a significant role in society. We can remember names of the great aristocratic families that give name to large corporations, but probably the most known aren’t particularly wealthy, while not suffering from financial problems. Simply continue to occupy important places because them occupied as they say their ancestors and continue the inherited, partly by nepotism but mostly because it keeps aristocratic ruling system in the world. In short, we have entered the XXI century where is preserving the aristocratic structure of the old regime, which clearly should not call old because its validity is running today. 

The most striking is the anachronistic monarchy with different degrees of involvement in the governance of the countries that suffer**. Although state law can’t afford to have citizens with special rights and privileges, I don’t referee that status may have a specific charge but the fact of enjoying privileges and inheritance indefinitely. In meritocratic society kings haven’t reason to be.
On the other hand any states, including the republics, are spared the legacy of absolutism. Population beheaded kings and nobles but the people seize the power but they have maintained the structure of absolute state. We replaced the leadership of the society but the administration has remained the same. In all countries the high civil servants believe that they are the state (as Luis XIV). Today these structures spying on its citizens, moving with hide interests, and they treated as vassals to their citizen. The alleged democratic states are still acting like a time of absolute kings, though they have changed allegiance to the king for the national interest.
As in the era of absolutist kings, our leaders continue ruling behind back to the people that are chosen they. Currently the only thing that differentiates the absolutist king of a country's president is only president must elected every four years. Citizens of democracies worldwide only have the right to choose an absolutist monarch every four years. The democratic deficit that this represents is considerable. Under the premise that if we all vote can’t be governed, today democratic governments don’t ask anything. They decide not to listen (and I don't say to follow) opinion of those who chose them, and challenging voters at the next election to expulse them if voters don't like. 
A curiosity of this current system is Demoscopy. They do not ask anything to citizenship but they legislate to hit of poll. As I have said repeatedly, statistics always answer the question correctly to be asked, but it never answers the question that we seem to ask. So we have plenty of surveys which include questions designed to get a specific answer, or asks for something when it really study what was not asked. In short surveys that are responsible for a band to make them ready for the result that will please those who pay, or it ask with wrong premises. We could conclude that current statistics only serve to feed who have this job, but not reflected in most cases the actual state of the situation just look resounding failures in election polls or level of rejection that often cause policies that were supposed populist. There is no better deceived who is deceiving himself.

Pink Floyd: The Wall
Overthrowat once the wall of absolutism

We need a real revolution as the air we breathe. Among other reasons for that old regime succumbed due to its ineffectiveness. A centralized and absolute power can’t, even it has the most sophisticated and powerful computing machine information, take control of everything. In fact they control only a few, and the resulting  of it is the downing in the cascade the absolutism to other small absolutes, and it’s in the context of absolute power exercised by small despots where it has proliferated corruption and arbitrariness. Today we have before us the dismemberment of states, but every absolutist only thing they do is accentuated the fall of absolutism, leading society towards a new Middle Ages. It has been shown that the present society is inoperative, so we must change it and we must forget solutions of the past.

* IOC today is not the issue but in reference to professional sports and structures that form it we should be a deep reflection. As an example say that this structure is formed mainly aristocrats from around the world and descendants of Fascists (yes those of World War II) many times bringing together two origins.

** Suffer, albeit in conceptual form, and even the monarch in question was by a great person, but it hasn’t sense that someone is above the rest of the citizens of a country.

dilluns, 23 desembre de 2013


Fourier formulate any type of periodic function might seem complex could always be represented as a sum of harmonic functions. Of harmonic functions are of many types but the most popular is the Sinus. Sinusoidal functions [f(t)=A*sin(wt) or f(t)=A*cos(wt)]; are the trigonometric function with a parameter that is the amplitude is maximum and minimum value of this, a second parameter w (omega) named frequency, and a variable t (time usually but not necessarily also be a distance). Then this periodic function can be represented by combining different harmonic functions which are chosen appropriately amplitudes and frequencies. These harmonic functions can describe many things, but the most popular description where it commonly is often associated in music and sound. The voice for example we represent it with a histogram of pressure variations at one point depending on the time, these histograms are terribly complex, just like musical instruments, but when we play an instrument or sing each note associated with a frequency this is because a large part of the energy transmitted sound is carried by the frequency at the same time we can tell who generates sound through the timbre which is a set of frequencies characteristic of each object and the brain has stored.

Now you may ask how they have started with this history of frequency and amplitude when the title speaks of decadency. Perhaps someone thinks that the issue would be on the decline of the music as the musicologists cried when Rock'n Roll appeared. Well I don’t talk about decadency of something, but the end of all life circle: birth, fullness, peak, decline and die. Yes discuss the latest step forward pass in history. 
Everything that born sooner or later must die. We would say ‘this is the law of life’, and if I refer directly to all thermodynamic entropy tends to the maximum and minimum energy where it does not evolve further. The universe itself appeared one day and expands, but one day be so cold this expansion because the light will turn off and languidly cool. All processes have a beginning and an end, a peak somewhere in the path between these two points, the slope of growth and fall.
So it's very important attitude in front this. In the same way that the young should not laugh at the infirmities of old when enjoy as much as possible of its height. Either who drink today honeys success can act arrogant despise the fallen tree because he/she also ends up like him. Nothing is forever and success is ephemeral. 
To understand that sooner or later one activity can successfully finish is important. So now that I read here believe that everything I said is something that had been said. And this is absolutely true, so my question is that everyone forgets about when the crest of the wave? Anyone who has been surfing knows that at any moment the wave you will be banned from its peak. The reasons may be different, but essentially remain sliding on the wave is a kind of processes that together result in riding a wave, but we are seeing a steady process as so many others have described in many of my writings.
So success as riding a wave is a stationary process which luckily joined several processes resulting in the aforementioned success or miserable failure. At beginning of my explanation I spoke about of the sum of Fourier harmonics. Well, as the sound what we see history as successful or dismal failure is more than the sum of many processes with peaks and valleys that add and subtract. Heartbeat, static or moving, although it may seem is the sum of many sinusoidal functions that because the relationship between frequencies and amplitudes allow all the histogram of minus infinity to infinity, valleys and peaks vanishes l, but forward of a point or minus infinity to infinity in function of time, they sum. Success is only in most cases this peak. 
Ironies of life when we are in the wave chalk forget that the only thing we can do is lose. And despite this evidence, we can do several things. One places the slope is not as strong as the coming to earth. Two look up in another wave jumping and go option that many tend to drill, not to criticize it, but the way many do. The third study the mechanisms that granted me success and try to extend it but perhaps it means the top down.
Anyway drill except the majority chooses to be swayed. I don’t think that it’s bad whenever they are aware that the end of the climb there is always a fall. Nevertheless most believe that this success is forever. I was acting like that, then when they fall resent those who have hitherto despised now back in the same coin. We could say that they have planted shelter but unfortunately its fall is not alone because then try to pick who has the drive to take up their momentum. Today we see companies worldwide with complete decadence often times to result of their arrogance and lack of vision, but they cling to their waning power to leverage the vitality of companies which are starting now. And while these companies are becoming dead walkers (zombies) which are carrying its decline around the world, they are eating the vitality of new blood who wants open road, leading this world toward a decadent scene without hope.