Tomorrow is now

200 years from the beginning to burn fossil fuels, we are in front of its consequences. The most incredible is how a lot of people denies it.
December of 2017 California is still burning. We ignore when it will finish but the result will be the disappearance of the California’s forest. We could talk about the current extraordinary weather of this days, but really these wildfires are the last steep of the great drought. The great drought killed one third of the trees which are becoming the perfect fuel.
California wildfires
This year was the year of wildfires and hurricanes (even in Europe). Every day the number of refugees grows. The number of regions without hope to rise after disaster also grows and people leave this regions for survive. Humans has passed the threshold of sustainability but what we do is double the losing bet. Losing for a people but a great profit for a less.
The sad situation is the interested blindness of economy powers. Oil and the rest of fossil fuels are still gro…

We don't know what we're betting

The countdown has probably already completed and Climate Change is inevitable, however to persist in making the same mistake will only give us the things to become worse.

The oil and coal lobbies have won the game of democracy. Polls continue to support who helps coal and oil industry. No matter the manifestations of April 2017 and many others can be made, the reality is who talk about “climate is normal” or minimize impact of it, has more credibility than all studies and proves of nature. I could recall previous articles about the reality that we perceive (see "Ignore the evidence") but the question is more complex than we might think.
Warming without stop
In 2007, the world economy was blown up. The reasons are many but the main thing is that the world's wealth, or rather, what we understand how global wealth really doesn’t exist. Billion and trillions of euros is just a number in a computer. 90% of transactions in our world they are financial, and these are essentially b…

Temperature and survival

Every specie is linked with the climate that it was born. Food, water or oxygen quantity determines size, shape and age to dead. When some boundary change being must change or disappear.

Imagine if in the world all our possible meal disappears and other possibilities of eat will become a poison. Yes, it’s an extreme situation which is impossible to happen in our current boundary conditions but not of all impossible with other planetary boundaries that was happened in other geological times.

Fish survive is in threat as ours
We can’t survive in Cretaceous Age, not for the existence of terrible dinosaurs but we can’t breathe the air with our current lungs; we would walk in Cretaceous Age as we are in Pandora’s Moon of the Avatar film. As us in Cretaceous, the Jurassic animals couldn’t survive in our time (even if will resucite them as Jurassic Park). The current air is an advantage, something that we can see with their direct sons: the birds which able to fly only with the strength of thei…

Spring asthenia in fifth of February

Just started the winter when spring already here again. This is not good nor bad now because the consequences after the live.
It's over the winter. As I said a year (Spring in full in February) meteorological winter just finished in February; regardless that American’s marmots say, popular wisdom or any other ancestral sign. It’s a fact; today the summers end in November and winter is reduced to a few weeks of Christmas and January.
The asthenia is one state where the changing of climate generated a profit fall to the person who suffers. I don’t know if I suffer it but I have a low blood pressure rather sudden changes in atmospheric pressure (no matter whether upward or downward) cause me drowsy. So, when the weather changes I can predict it with relative certainty, being the current climate roulette that we’re living a considerable emotional ordeal.

This morning (5/2/17) had the soul feet, together with the change of smell general breathed in streets denoted something important: spr…

Another time again (Christmas 2016)

Felicitació en català:Ja hi tornem a ser (Nadal 2016)
If streets are invading of color lights and music sometimes without criteria, it means that month before Christmas is here.  A month where our budgets are never overflow because we haven’t budget, and joyfully is order by law.

Joy to the World as tradition and commercial centers order; if Christmas comes doesn’t mean that any of conditions which become the World as a Hell stop to run, but they are growing in relate. Besides us or in the other side of sea people just survive or die due natural or human causes. Our World has never been perfect and humans have an innate ability to crush it even more.
Solidarity is a human virtue which doesn’t allow to enjoy while our people suffer in front us. How can we enjoy the holydays if other people are suffering? So, solidarity initiatives arise everywhere appealing to the good heart and peace of conscience. But evil never rests and profits Christmas days when we open our hearts to the next, that …

Climate perceptions towards climatic evolution

The accumulation of energy in the air and oceans will set the temperature not how much CO2 we are emitting.
It says a sentence that to become rich man you don’t need a great amount of income, only need to save a cent more than what you waste, and let the time run; needless to say, if you are rich and spend a cent more than you earn sooner or later you’ll become ruined. The two statements everyone can understand and accept as true; however it may difficult to see that a cent of profit could become you a millionaire. This is because our perception of accumulation and time isn’t correct. When he looks in perspective by years and not realize that they are far from all time periods and just getting going; if this involves a sum or a subtraction is applied.
Pole melting an other prove of Globalwarming
As I said before it isn’t the same as a system is in balance or is stationary. As tightrope as we’re seating on a sofa are at a point where the sum of the forces, in this case gravity ma…

Trump victory: The Paris Climate Game Over

He promised to break the climate commitments and he will do it. Because he is convinced that it is a conspiracy orchestrated by China.
We can tell about ignorance, pedantry, superb, swagger and more other qualifies of next president of USA. Trump is lucky cretin which luck puts in the top of way. There are a lot of vegetables which are occupying relevant sites in society, and every casual event allows to allows perpetuate itself there, even making deadly mistakes. But this is a very simple explanation of his triumph, adding the luckily of to be in the correct site in the correct time, there are a lot of conditions that give him the victory. We can’t talk about all of them but I will say you the consequences of this result.
Too many people are horrified with the sentences and proposes tell for him in election campaign. However, these ideas are more close with his biography acts. Who tramples stronger often wins, and he always is who tramples strongest without seeing what breaks or who cr…