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dissabte, 7 de novembre de 2015

More than words we need to solve Climate Change

A week from the Paris summit on Climate Change, the umpteenth summit short, it seems that already have a firm commitment. Despite rumors so that to achieve a global commitment has begun to thin, and certainly this end the umpteenth summit bankruptcy. The point is that we have the G20 and the EU to form the block of developed countries, these are countries that issue, as well as due to economic globalization oblige countries to be also highly polluting. And on the other side we have the capital world of the need to produce as much energy to transport, has opted for the safest source of energy are: fossil fuels. As I explained in "Why the oil and coal consumption increase every day?" Everyone is embarked on this energy, now leave it would cause many losses.

Extreme weather growth

We passed many years of climate conferences and summits with big headlines, statements, commitments and timetables which we never fulfilled. One reason for this was the lack of awareness of the problem that had public opinion. This was due to the lack of knowledge of the situation, in part because it has not begun to appreciate until now that the extreme weather impacts us, and above all to be confused with the cacophony that produce the amount of environmental messages calls on this topic.

Although the most important reason is the economy. As I said, our world colonized by the fossil fuels: oil, gas and coal. Renewable energy sources do not provide the flexibility or power you have fossils when something problematic for many processes requires a lot of energy at peak times, which would require a rethinking of global energy use and in the context of free will as the current is impossible. Moreover, the business of the fossil is a consolidated business: distribution operation, assured customers, raw materials for more than a century, and financing secured. Oil has become a safe business with a lot of money invested that are difficult to recover; therefore the financial economy allied with fossil energy to block, delay and pressure all possible measures.

Fossil energy has kidnapped the economy. In the same way that agricultural products are bought long before there even to cultivate the fields, oil futures also purchase. The miracle that still maintains high oil prices is that the price of oil extracted today was set some years ago. Today with the fall in demand and the intrusion of hydrocarbons obtained from unconventional way, the price would fall and consequently ruin investors; but these investors, as happened in the housing crisis, which have been securitized and a fall of this price will be ahead of the financial economy, in what is called the Bubble Coal.

Today we play mislead regarding climate while the weather worsens. However Paris has come concern. Input the rapid increase of CO2 (In 30 years it has increased the pace of accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere) and the evidence of that methane hydrides begin to release the seabed (The fossil CO2 is going out Permafrost) has alerted authorities that they believed to have things very controlled. However the current president of the USA (Obamaneeds a glorious end to his disastrous administration, has accelerated a global commitment to climate, this opens up hope though very weak because only a victory presumed Republican candidate, will retract the second biggest polluter of the World, its commitments. Urgent measures are needed especially because the situation is accelerating, but world leaders are still very busy with the economic crisis and the interests of lobbies, to pay attention putting attention on climate bubble if it bursts it delete us.

dissabte, 19 de setembre de 2015

Humans evolved towards Borg or we will fall in love to own smartphone

Some days before, one post title caught my attention: “In The Future We Will All FallMadly in Love With Our Toasters” (by Tom Critchlow). He pondered about the relation between us and our electronic kits. I used word kit with the two senses because our relation with the smart phone is deeper than own sons.

What are a person when the lamp has the same reactions
Is Pinokio only a lamp?

It could possible to fall in love with the cat. However it’s a living being and gives you its senses and affection (cat sometimes, dog forever and ever). But toast is something and inanimate, nevertheless in this post shows the a little film (IsPinokio only a lamp? In Vimeo, but the extend version is linked below in Youtube) when the lamp take animation and interacted with our movements and expression. I remember an old cat that every morning climbed on Romba (sweeping robot) which carry it for all the house, but the most interest was seeing cat go to Romba when it was stop and remained at its side making companion (I don’t know if Romba cried when cat has death).

To take affection to anything makes us more humans, but smartphones its other history, and it has other perverse connotation. The Borg are a science-fiction alien species (Star Trek series) which is characterized by the obsession to homogenize and assimilate other forms of intelligent life which my have in the galaxy; they live in a kind of unique consciousness in which individuals are interconnected between them. They also have a system of absolute monarchy where the queen, like ants or bees, orders and makes decisions. But that system hasn’t any sense within this social organization; because this purpose, to make decisions, it would has this global consciousness. In short, as we invented the role of bees queens imitating humans monarch, while really they only have the task is to give birth eggs, and decisions are taken collectively each group of bees of the same tasks; the writers have created a queen imitating a social organization that doesn't exist, and at the same time it would be less operational.

Either way humans have a social structure based on circles, family, friends, acquaintances ... at the same time a pyramidal organization, based leaders, gregarious and gregarious of the gregarious. We like to be in contact group and we need this. But this usually has a handicap: our reasoning requires concentration and introspection. So the human being grows, first through what exchanges with the rest of their peers, and on the other with reflection alone with our own about what we see and experience.

Normally we have the image of the sage as one who flees the crowd. This makes sense because the crowd is addictive. If we remember the best moments of our lives we realize that almost none is alone. But the crowd or simply be accompanied requires being attentive to the evolution of the group, and that limits our action to simple linked or not to the dynamics of that group operational work. For study or reflection solitude is needed, although really the wise never is alone because otherwise he loses touch with reality and he will be going to mad.

The new social networks have increased worldwide awareness of almost exponentially to connect academics from all over the world. They feed back their findings, but to make a breakthrough everyone has to do their job. Even today where everything is done as a team, each member has their role that does alone, being the power of the group to coordinate work efficiently, at the same time comment or ask for help from classmates. Without introspection there isn’t mental growth.

But these networks, which at the end of the conch they are still a business, have been extended to the maximum possible customers. What is a communication facility has become an obsession. In any public transport we can see how many people call and ask a family member “How are you feeling?” Normally if you keep the conversation is someone who has seen few hours ago, continuing with these classic conversations that we make to can say something and keep talking.

Borg Queen

Although the technology to move forward with applications and bandwidth, it occurs something even more perverse. Today if we look at bus stops, waiting rooms or bars; we see a lot of people glued to their mobile, following lists of sentences with or without pictures attached. This is the Time List of different social networks, and while they are stuck to their life runs around them. Gradually their world is reduced to those lines attached to the image of an avatar which it occupies more and more time, reducing the time that one dedicates oneself. As I said it's addictive, it would become these social networks as a kind of endless colonies where everything you do is in perpetual company of your contacts.

As explained at the beginning of the Borgs are aliens (fictional) who haven’t own life because the whole hive is interconnected at all times. Surely we are far from the Borg or one similar to human Matrix existence, but if anyone starts making the effort to contain it, and our technology gets implemented mobile phone in our brain (which is not so far as it seems) before long we will live in hives like the Borg.

dissabte, 22 d’agost de 2015

Music is fireworks for our brain

In studies of the areas in the brain used for different activities it shows that hear or play music involves the whole brain.

We can look for differences between animals and us, but let's be honest not exist, because we are animals like them. But if something sets us apart a little, isn't the language, however even after the plants have it; but is the ability to generate music. We've all seen cats playing pianos, and even a donkey was a flutist, but they don’t really make music; most cats, even playing notes at will, only cause leaving vibrations that produce pleasure, but don’t try to play a melody. It may be the first stage in that hominids began to contact with the music, but missing most importantly see each sounds and our relation like one.

Músic the path of dreams

Scanners, CT or MRI are, let see what parts of the brain are active, and even observe that activates when a particular activity is made. It is generally observed that each type of activity is assigned an area of the brain, and that this is activated in the same way whether it is active or passive, ie executing it or imagined it runs. But most surprising is when this activity is the music. Listen to music or play music suddenly illuminates our brain. But listening to music or play isn’t the same: to listen more different zones are activated, but interpret the whole brain becomes a single interconnected area. How we can think, who imagine to do an activity, before has to had learned how to do, so there is a difference when listening music from who knows or doesn’t knows playing music. Who plays an instrument he illuminates equally the brain whether plays, listening or just imagine the melody in the head.

How playing an instrument Benefits our brain

Playing an instrument (singing properly so is) is to have fireworks in our brain. Implies concentration for different parts motors of our body move extremely coordinated to get an instrument or our own body generates an ordered series of mechanical disturbances which other people will recognize as music; It needs that brain must move a lot of information, at the same time quickly and accurately, no place for correction. This generates the creation of channels, synopsis and even neurons. It is observed that most brains of those who have learned music, interpret and listen, they are younger than most of their peers. Another thing we see is brain agility superior and easier to intellectual and artistic activities not directly related to it; not to mention more memory required to play any piece of music.

But the music only exists in our brain. In the same way the sounds only exist in our ear, no in the musical instrument. The way our inner ear creates sounds from cacophony of mechanical waves that arrive in our environment, it shapes in part what we perceive as sound. Images, sounds, smells ... exist only in the interpretation of the world that makes every brain, with a predilection for frequencies. This liking for the frequencies, such as spatial geometry, brings us to the temporally which are the music.

Although brain scans are really modern and lightening, most of these things already knew which is why the teaching of music has always been accompanying primary education in all ages, cultures and regions. In the same way that Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451 showed a world where reading refused to send humanity to the deepest ignorance, our ancestor’s chiefs have denied music at their "servants" to safely avoid their intellectual development. As I explained in "Fahrenheit 451: the temperature which knowledge begins to burn" to lead knowledge is the key to manipulating the population. In this sense how much sooner machines begins to play music, something what’s happening in the commercial music today, faster brains will return apathetic. Today, in a world where music through technology has become ubiquitous everywhere, it is virtually impossible to find someone singing or being able to sing a song of which they proud repeatedly in media or public spaces. In a way it is like the attempted imposition of monolinguals, today we know that each language occupies different areas of the brain, creating synergies between them and increased the capacity of understanding of the environment; but from XVIII century states know that one language is one way of understanding the world, helping those who want to impose states.

The benefits of bilingual brain

Luckily the music is more human than the humans themselves. Humanity brings many shameful scourges but also music, everywhere in the world there are people making music with anything that can generate resonant sounds; and we go to the poorest and most miserable suburbs of our cities that somewhere someone playing a guitar and made magic.

dissabte, 25 de juliol de 2015

“That's one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind” but we wait the second

July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong descended the stairs of the lunar module Eagle and uttered the famous phrase "one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." At that moment the moon was still a reference in the sky to become a place; and certainly the time during the Cold War it became a collective catharsis regardless of the flag which ended planted on its surface. Definitely they stood before one of the most important milestones of mankind, to compare of the domain of fire.

Apollo XI

But December 14, 1972 in Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt left the Moon, we never return. In these 45 years there has been speculation about the cause of no return, including the possibility that it was all staged. This was the Apollo XVII was provided to 20, but US have won the race to the Russians, added the fact that people had also lost interest, and maxing coinciding with the oil crisis, ended the program. But were these the primary reason?

The moon is far, more far than most of us can imagine. Obviously in the 60s astronomers was well known how far was the moon, as the distance to stars light years with extraordinary precision; but there was an erroneous conception of space, which they thought empty but today we know that space is plenty of objects of very small and undetectable size which have a relative speeds of the order of kilometers per second (faster than a bullet from a gun) that they can cleanly through our ships fuselages aluminum with few millimeters. In other hand we always believed that the crossing would be a challenge comparable with Columbus's voyage to America; The new continent could be unknown but there was water, plants, animals, air necessary for survival, but on the Moon and other Solar System there is nothing about this; for practical purposes be wandering through space or trapped on the moon is the same. And our only island available, Earth, involves land, because to go out into space to rescue months of preparation that an accident does not have needed, and this requires that they are undamaged parts of the ship unless we want to end up in as the Columbia disaster in 1997.

We live in a comfortable world protected by an invisible shield that is Earth's magnetic field deflects the solar wind. Mars has no such protection, and Mars has no organic matter on its surface. Luckily the Apollo astronauts were only a few days of travel and agreed in peaceful by making solar flares period. The space station is 400 km high in the Earth's magnetic field and never venture out of this assignment.

Apollo XVII the last Moon mission

Apollo XIII the wake-up call

There is an official version because jumped by half air command module but it does not really have the slightest idea. A part of that annoying drawback, What caused the accident? We must add that only luck saved the crew. Depending on how events have evolved the fate of these would have been worse to explore the ship. None could deliver, no redundant parts or circuits, and worst screenplay exit the safety of the trip is almost lost in space. To get the notion an Apollo did not differ much as thought of traveling within a cannonball as narrated by Jules Verne.

Although in reality it had already this notice in the Apollo XI. Almost all spent fuel reserves (which was not much) seeking a landing site: the Moon was much more rugged than previously thought. Even worse was to leave, the ignition lever without air lost when opening the ship to go broke, they could just go with the dresses pressurized impossible to make complex mechanical hands because the gloves; luckily they found a pen (which was not to be at all there) with which to handle and able to operate the ignition, without the pen today would still be up there mummified.

We don’t turn because the 80% confidence that proclaimed as 50% for advertising purposes to give more emotion, but really it wasn’t reached the 20%; when truth and only the luck allowed that there wasn’t any victim in the eight Apollos who circled the moon. The more we increases our knowledge, more we know about our ignorance; and lots of drones and studies on Earth have given us a knowledge of our planetary system, unimaginable in distant 60s. Ironically at that time they saw walked by Mars in ours current dates but they didn’t imagine how much we know today about this planet. We end up traveling to the stars but before our robotic emissaries have flattened the way.

dissabte, 11 de juliol de 2015

In 30 years it has increased the pace of accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere

A UN report shows that the rate of accumulation of CO2 and other gases is increasing year after year

It will soon be 17 years from the signing of the Kyoto Protocol that drove reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Part of the protocol referred to CFCs already being eradicated because of another also deleterious effect on the atmosphere was fulfilled: the destruction of the ozone layer; but the most important reducing CO2 emissions from the combustion of hydrocarbon energy to achieve, not only it hasn’t been met but that emissions have increased. A report commissioned by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows that in the last 30 years CO2 is still accumulating in the atmosphere, it also shows an acceleration almost double the rate of accumulation was in the 80s.

The consequence is clear the average temperatures increases, due to the greenhouse effect, the effect caused by CO2 and other gases, decreases the amount of heat released into the atmosphere space. Although there are voices arguing the validity of the existence of a correlation between increased CO2 (indisputable) with increasing temperature (this also proved but discussed by the deniers); although the evidence is irrefutable if the two curves are compared: the concentration of CO2 per year, with average temperatures per year.

Anyway CO2 has risen steeply reaching 400 ppm. This figure obviously is a round number, but due to two criteria. The first was the approximate 200 ppm concentration of CO2 was widespread before the Industrial Revolution in the mid-nineteenth century, thus 400 ppm is to double this concentration. The second is more significant; there have been periods with greater concentration as the Cretaceous, although it was several times higher than this, or the latest Pliocene period where there are concentrations of this order; but never in the past 600,000 years, during which we have fossil records indicate direct CO2 concentration, temperature and other climatic variables, it has come to this concentration. At the moment there are no data to show how would be the weather with this concentration of CO2.

The weather is not linear, and our current climate is very cold compared to the Pliocene. So expect that climate would evolve until resemble to into this period, in one way or another, and in accordance of virulence that is taking the current climate it will tend to the rapid and devastating form. Already speak on "The great flood" the disappearance of glaciers force a migration of 3,000 million; but it will be involved not only the coast, also crops suffer within climate change and the consequent relocation and disappearance of species.

We can ask May we stop climate change? At in this point no. In "The fossil CO2 is going out Permafrost" I spoke about how methane hydrides of the ocean floor began to release methane due to increased temperature. Also the low temperatures increase the CO2 absorption capacity of water, lowering the rate of absorption of this and subsequent conversion to O2 by planktonic algae. Also the heat releases the CO2 absorbed by the ice. In short, only by the fact to have reached these temperatures we are creating increase of CO2.

In a desperate appeal by the United Nations, it calls for drastic stop emissions, which is a euphemism for "stop burning oil, coal and gas NOW". Obviously this will not be carried out because the state is still the subject of renewable energy would be practically a "shutdown" of human activity. However the increase of violent weather phenomena and the main temperatures record, have rethought the positions, even the most reluctant countries (except Australia and Russia); although some producing of fossil energy countries also joined.

Today we are facing the most important challenge facing humanity and as happens in front of all the challenges there isn’t unanimity when it comes to deal with it. You can most actors would more or less agree, the interests of third parties make no progress together. With overpopulation coupled with a waste of resources we have to face climate change to which we turn our eyes to other; It is causing it to end up being much worse than humanity could endure.

diumenge, 7 de juny de 2015

Mankind is melding by own hot

Coaching is a great fashion who wants to success in the life. Really I didn’t think that it’s necessary but it could help us when we’re lost. A personal couch is only the classical counselor, someone with experience or knowledge who gives us other point of view, and she/he shows us several possible actions about this problem; the difference is the professionalism and academic knowledge. Today mankind needs a couch, because we are lost.

Indian suffers an extreme hot wave. More than 500 people have died and hot are so intense that asphalt pavement is melting (literal view photo). Obviously extreme weather has always been independent of climate; but simultaneously US California has the same rain that Mexicana California: any drop; dry Texas is flooding, and in Rocky Mountains didn’t snow in the winter while US east coast has suffer several cool waves. USA weather is knowing in all the World thanks their potent press industry, but Europe doesn’t safe from these disasters; and in other parts of planet usually hide of media, floods and droughts are often first page in the news. Extreme weather doesn’t mean climate change but climatechange make extreme weather.

Extreme weather melts our infraestructures

What are we doing? Well we are still talking from two decades, but we don’t do anything. Global economy runs very well for who have money, obviously, and  they make all the pressure that can to blocked all initiative could attempt their wonderful world. Economic powers are worrying about weather and climate; but weather is a variable that they work usually , and climate they prefer believe and all is normal before to make something that damage their economic profits.

We are late in the climate change fight. Independent of thresholds or criteria that put it, CO2 is increasing because we don’t stop to burn. Every year of inaction worsted our possibilities of success. Things must be thinking before to make a disaster. But it’s very suppressive the extreme cautionwith taken the climate questions in front the less precautionary with taken economic decision, not only when it attacks nature, where it was do really barbarities, but in the same economic context, ruining thousands of people in every bad economic decision.

But we are putting the eye on the CO2 emission, surely the main issue; therefore exists more issues that playing and multiply the main effect. Deforestation of rain forest, pressure on the water, overexploitation of natural sources makes imbalances in the complex planetary climate system. In the background of it there is the overpopulation. Today America is feeding the rest of word, join to Africa. Today Africa has less wild land than USA; African people emigrate to Europe because their food is exported to Europe and Asia. Europe and Asia can’t produce enough food for their habitants. The great food companies invade wild land to increase the food production. More humans means to need more meal, and water, dresses, furniture… The predation of primary materials is intense and at this predation we must add the destruction due to the extraction of materials and the energy and waste necessary in their carrier to the use. Every new person implies more land to agriculture, more materials to supply and more trash. Trash is other problem because its processing needs energy work and materials in industrial word; but third world can’t pay the cost to process it, and it’s leaving to its luck, increasing the pressure on the nature. Today Canada is devastating its forest and tundras to get Tar Sands but Indonesia  is ending its rain forest for wood and substitute them for palm plantations, more profitable because it’s the basis of soap.

Indonesian Rain Forest destruction

Mayas end, until XX century, was a mystery with more speculations make. But a casual find about an extreme drought in XVIII in rain forest of Central America give light that it could pass. First it was found that boundary conditions that had in XVIII, were the same in XII century when Mayas disappeared, second fossil proves that XII century in Central America suffer a more extreme drought and extended in time. But the question is Why was different that produces the end of a civilization? The answer is the population. Mayas were two orders of magnitude more populates than the current population of XVIII. This population, less estimated until then, ware living in an extensive cities of wood (thing that produces de les estimation) which it must be alimented. The rainforest haven’t rich land and it required to race new extensions of rainforest at the time. Mayas race all the rainforest of Central America, when season drought arrived the protection of rainforest weren’t, the agriculture collapse and society explode.

Today the use of fossil fuel allows us to make miracles. When the number of people passes the threshold of sustainability we supply it to carry from other site. This will be a boomerang because the overpopulation of zone doesn’t stop to grow, which requires growing proportional the supply, until the source can’t give more; after we go to the other source. The bad news is the sources are finites, because planet is finite.

Now the process toward new climate is beginning and our path in this process has a trend to down, we are falling. It’s finished the time to answer if there are or not climate change, the question is if we are downing in a low trend which allows us to save of disaster or we are falling down along a ravine

dimarts, 2 de juny de 2015

John Nash and the death of Alpha Male

“John Nash 1928 – 2015 mathematician Nobel Prix of economy”

Attila is attributed to the phrase "the most important thing isn’t winning, but other opponents are defeated".  This sentence is an obvious extreme: if everyone wins nobody won. That we have examples everywhere, everyone who isn’t the first in race has lost; and no matter how well you run or had overcome more difficulties than others, what mattered was who first crosses to the finish line. Not only in sport are examples. In the workplace it every day How many people are fighting a struggle against the competition with the result of a victory and ruin the rest? Normally the losers have done less merit than the winner, although details have decided that fortune has tipped to one side or another of the net (Match Point (Woody Allen).)

Every race there are one only winner

But the Attila’s phrase has more significance of which seems, as I explain in "Absolutism a gene more of human beings" humans are gregarious as chimpanzees, and how they have "Alpha Males" who govern and we obey as sheep. But to ensure the constant presence of "alpha male" leading the flock required constant supply of it, so every day new born potential M.Alfa  which will fight for the status that his body needs. When Attila talks about defeat, he refers to a defeat without answering and the acceptance by the losers of their status and submission to the winner.

Today the entire social organization is subject to these rules, but John Nash proved this social structuring is totally inefficient. It’s indisputable that wolves, chimpanzees and other gregarious animals have societies, but these never exceed a large number of individuals. All these organizations tend to fragmentation and disintegration. Our blidness historical perspective  tend us to see the opposite thanks to globalization; but just look at history to see that feudalism is the social organization that humanity chooses and modern populated cities are strated in ghettos and social classes without connection between them. However all empires haven’t finished falling by external invasions, but rather by stratification and bureaucratization   of their society (todaynot be different: The Legacy absolutist).

The death of John Nash "John Nash, mathematician portrayed in A Beautiful Mind, dies in taxi crash at 86" The Guardian, has had a global impact because of the movie "A Beautiful Mind" (2001) which basically showed his fighting schizophrenia, a bit like being the caricature of a "madness teacher " in the end turned out to be great. But Dr. Nash was much more than it. He has important contributions to mathematics and especially game theory, apart from work on cryptography and geometry.
It is precisely their contribution to game theory where his contribution was more surprising, which earned him the Nobel Prize in Economics. Normally used to explain other examples or paradoxes Nash equilibrium, though I will use the example that comes to the film that can be summed up in the saying: "The beautiful envy the luck of the ugly." Suppose two girls: the beautiful and the "nice" coming out party. As usual all the males dispute the charms of the beautiful and the ugly despise; but one of the smartest males instead of going to by the pretty ugly, because it has competition and to succeed; finger refers perhaps to the grace that makes him pretty eccentric is the swarm of suitors is removed.

The previous practice is not new, it’s usual in a friends group to distribute to avoid crush. But this smart attitude is forgetting in the other aspects of life, which are fighting for the best position completely alien to the overall objective of the group. Only in cases of extreme danger or survival, we behave in collective work, the most of the times we are incapable of understanding if the rest also earn you win more. However, neoliberalism promotes individualism, rewarding the smartest at the expense of anyone. In this regard Nash rends all liberal economic theories. His theory seemed to have changed the world economy in crisis 80 but the fall of the Berlin Wall and the madness of cheap credit were revived savage capitalism. Interestingly most economy Nobel are mathematical not gurus of the economy, there will be some reason: "Economics: Science or Religion."

The alpha male is a problem in any team. First must spend resources to maintain its position and decisions often counterproductive to the goal of the group to keep it. On the other hand the existence of Alpha Male candidates are making these more outstanding climbing this position than in its task within the group, causing tensions (even sabotage) or request to be well positioned for side events and delaying global work so does their part.

Humans should take example of large swarms, but unfortunately follow the example of Attila.