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divendres, 8 de juliol de 2016

How much more incredible is a conspiracy more people believe in it

There is a growing flow of people who see conspiracy theories everywhere but the reality is the easiest explanation.

Between 20 to 30% of the world population doubt about man has never gone to the Moon, obviously those who’s knowing the human history, to these we would have been to add an approximately 10% who believe that really we have gone but not in the way which tells the story (later, on other trip which wasn’t recorded); and complete this group who believe in secret Encounters of the Third Phase on the Moon or the existence of hidden colonies on the far side. Although we have many proofs of this historical fact and now has been aerially photographed locations and what was left there (in fact until the ruts of the Rover); not having become more (read “That's one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind” but we wait the second) and certainly none that are reading the article have seen any live, it helps create not one of the most importants events in human history.

Stonehenge on the Moon !!

"Seeing is believing". Although such religions speak of facts of which we have no evidence, and instead contradicts our daily lives. This is called "faith". We also often say that "faith moves mountains"; mountains, I reported you that no, but it gives a strong will that overcomes obstacles considered impossible beforehand. So humans have on the one hand a strong feeling of wanting to make sure that is real and that there, but otherwise a great ability to believe in things beyond everyday logic. Here is where it lays the belief in Conspiracy Theories.

David Hume showed that the principle of cause-effect is not real. Certainly the causality principle (every effect is due to a cause) is valid, the question is if we could be sure the real cause of some effect, and Hume said no; let me to explain. If I release an object in the air all will think that fall to the ground, but we have no guarantee that will happen, because nothing indicates that the object will fall if we let go. We can say that almost certainly will fall because we have a statistical law (the falling bodies) that implies, that is almost always an object to air this fall is released; and I speak not releasing a balloon that obviously will not fall (or other). Although it is precisely this principle that governs our mind. And not only that, our intuitive mind works linking everything with everything establishing relationships of things that have nothing to do. If we put these two things it is that two totally causal events (by chance) events will become causal (cause and effect), and the why of them it will be as amazing as our imagination is capable of generating.

We are addicted to magic. First because it is transparent: A implies B and amidst anything we can imagine. Science is open to any theory but it must pass a test, the magic does not need proof: it passes. The Conspiracy people generate complicated theories where one side believe show how clever they are to see what no one is able to see (the magic), and on the other satisfy that urge to be "someone", attributing their own unfortunately of to be "nobody" at the hidden forces which they have been able to uncover.

Mars is another place where Conspiracy people take more of their theories. A few days ago NASA released a video where a stone looked like the fossilized head of an alien fighter (frankly seems to me a crocodile). The case does not matter are three stones sculpted by wind and beaten by UVA that from another perspective is completely different. But our intuitive mind, for hazards and opportunities, has made an erroneous association and imagination has the rest. In internet fly a pictures and even films where show Mars with blue skies and even water (as film John Carter of Mars). All of this proves are FALSE because temperatures, air composition, gravity and atmosphere pressure are incompatibles with blue skies and liquid water; this data is measurable in the majority of astronomy observatories (mainly without any link with to any government, except pay the taxes as all the people) since XIX century; but It’s so beautiful, you know.

The martian cocodrile

The problem of Conspiracy thoughts is that we believe more in any wild story than what we see every day; and from what we believe now we make decisions in consequence. No matter what we believe about Mars or the moon; the problem is when reality as proves that our way of life is no good for us while we are at ease with it. Obviously to be second planet where we could go is calm for the conscience while we are destroying an only planet where we can live; but we don’t go at home so it’s easier to thing that government is laying about Climate Change or the extraterrestrial people are managing our society. The sad part of this question is that people who want to govern us are the first more times to recourse at these theories to collect votes. Racism, xenophobia, public enemy… everything is valid to challenge their objective.

As I said in “Ignore the evidence“ people listen who talk about is linked with own reality, because people doesn’t perceive reality but interprets it. We must be wary of the government but more of who is saying that distrust of them (even me).

dissabte, 23 d’abril de 2016

Volcanoes, when everything changes in a second

On 24 August 79 AD the city of Pompeii, in the Gulf of Naples, was buried by an eruption of Vesuvius. Vesuvius has a tendency to have explosive eruptions but the burial of Pompeii was something that had long been warning the volcano, in fact it had already erupted, something that attracted Pliny the Elder and his son to study. Ignorance caused the evacuation began already in the great eruption, trapping its inhabitants ash rain and pyroclastic flow. The eruption was described by Pliny the Younger, because his father (The Older) was one of the victims, the official date recorded by him is incorrect, it doesn’t agree with known dates and physical evidence in the excavations; but the document is the first scientific description of an eruption, and surely the date is a transcription error by not having the original document.

Pyroplastic Flow as which killed Pompeii people

Today the slopes of Vesuvius are populated by one of the most important conurbations del Mediterranean: Naples. Considering that the volcano is still active and much overlooked study shows that the Gulf is the result of it, it looks like reckless living there. It turns out that as Naples and Vesuvius there are plenty of large conurbations in idylls with volcanoes. The slopes of volcanoes (active) are often very fertile, think also they are high mountains which attract a lot of rain and snow and humans live where water is abundant.

Looked at from the perspective of someone who lives where no active volcanoes live or go visit a volcano may seem to run an avoidable risk. But as I said many people live in the shadow of volcano quiet lives without too many surprises. Likewise highly active areas such as the Ring of Fire, where Japan is located, are among the most populated areas of the planet. Whether living next to a volcano is no more dangerous than in the coast, and generally economically they are rich places.

But volcanoes are dangerous not only for its neighbors. A volcano ejects large amounts of material, which is suspended and changed, depending on the final activity which developed, the global climate. In this sense there is a type of volcano, which the lack of historical reference makes it go unnoticed, called Supervolcano its eruptive consequences can be devastating. Most of these volcanoes are off, but one that is active Yellowstone Park in USA. This Supervolcano whose crater is all National Park, has a boiler that is the size of a large county. This asset and just one of the attractions is this activity, such as its known geyser. Records of previous eruptions cover all of North America with ash deposits hundreds of meters. Since its last eruption 640,000 years has passed is the period of recurrence of this.

The explosion of Krakatoa in 1883 caused two years without summer. But Krakatoa isn’t supervolcano; a little farther north, in Sumatra, Lake Toba is a crater produced by supervolcano 75,000 years ago produced a severe glaciation for 6 or 7 years with average temperatures of 3C; this phenomenon almost extinguished humanity. Toba is almost an order of magnitude lower than Yellowston; whether we think about if e- phones bend or not, tomorrow the bowels of the planet can remove a third of the northeastern United States and the rest hang ash over Canada and Mexico. Many in front of this statement to be glad, but this circumstance will remove of maps one of main food regions of world, surely the global flooding ash would have decades without crops in whole World. Volcanoes seem very far, but they are the manifestation of the real world under our feet but we forget.

Alasca volcanoe eruption

Sometimes we reduce the climate risk at the greenhouse gas accumulation. This is true the current problem is the global warming and its unpredictable consequences. But climate has more other conditions which influence its evolution. The large conditions as greenhouse gases we could be avoiding if our greed and our myopia were working. The problem we have when conditioning factors work fast. The cometary impact or an eruption will change climate radically and irreversibly. Today we discuss how we could stop climate change and we put too much large terms, when we must thing that climate would change in a few seconds.  

diumenge, 20 de març de 2016

Spring in February

Everyone knows that spring comes on March 20, so today spring starts to coincide with astronomical equinox. However equinoxes precession ahead due to global Earth's axis (which some have spoken again, "Why change hour twice a year?") At a rate of a little more one day per century; if don’t make a reform as the Gregory XIII in sixteenth century , sooner or later equinox and the beginning of spring will happen in the middle of February.

Anomalia Frebruary 2016

But astronomical considerations aside, I would want to talk about is atypical month of February we have been in the northern hemisphere. Unlike other years, the austral summer is not being used as much drive. Instead the southern winter literally no happened. It is true there have been some storms, snow, cold snaps ... but usually the months of January and February were weak between autumn and early spring. In recent years the southern winter had been shortened in number of days, literally this year in most of the northern hemisphere simply has not existed.

One reason has been "El Niño" the toughest ever recorded. "El Niño" phenomenon isn’t related to Climate Change to some extent in the harsh climate of recent months would not be the direct cause of it. However, the hardness of the El Niño can’t be separated from Global Warming. Virulence climatic stored energy to the atmosphere above the oceans (see “Really are temperatures stopping its rice?”) therefore El Niño is an ocean phenomenon.

The surprise was really the temperature anomaly in February. Regardless of the unusual heat and the frenetic race of the average temperature of the planet to go break records year after year; the temperature rise in February was alarming. The NOAA report is devastating. The global temperature has experienced an increase in the trend, ie increasing the anomaly is much higher than those experienced in previous years. This increase is also found in the ocean, both in surface and deep waters, which until now weren’t being affected by global warming.

Another alarming sign is the increase of CO2. In the middle of the renewable energy revolution, accompanied by the fall in consumption of fossil fuels, we don’t expect a drop in the concentration of CO2 (something that is not expected until the 70s of this century) but a small turning the tendency to increase. On the contrary, the turning speed of growth is increasing (see Record increase of annual carbon Dioxide Observed at Mauna Loa for 2015). There may be plenty of reasons including fracking; in normal uses of this system generates a lot of uncontrolled emission of methane (CH4) into the atmosphere, without count accidents as the county with California this year, the greatest until today.

But the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere forget that nature also emit CO2. This issue usually forgotten increases with temperature. Methane captured by permafrost, CO2 captured and stored in the snow on the glaciers and the associated increase in temperature of the deep ocean release hydride of methane. The temperature rise is triggering these huge deposits of carbon. At the same time the temperature is creating a second effect: water loses power to dissolve gases such as CO2, CH4 and NH3; all of them greenhouse gases. In this disaster we must add that the alleged increase in photosynthetic activity proved to be false; first because high temperature reduces gas absorption capacity and consequently can’t do its function optimally; and second due the forest area is reduced exponentially year after year, thanks to climate change that kills plants (see After storm will always be calm) and own land predation without stop.

When it seemed that we start going on the right track towards regard the climate problem, nature reminds us that we have been stupid things too long. It was necessary that the economic losses from extreme weather began to create concern in financial circles (and the need for Obama to show something to make their way to the White House to be remembered for more than the first black President) as countries begin to take serious action to stop climate change. But the data show that the inertia that allowed skeptics and deniers maintain their theses now comes against us. Only human pride could believe that it would stop simply by stopping the growth in reasonable limits.

Climate change has already started and if it irreversibly.

ENSO (El Niño)

dijous, 31 de desembre de 2015

Climate hits us

Explain a tale that two rabbit saw a group of animals came running towards them. When seeing them, instead of putting on a prudent defense, they started a discussion on whether greyhounds were coming hunt both or a few pigs who gave them a ride. While they were discussing whether something or other, the pack of dogs reached a distance where they could not distinguish if they were, but it's too late to flee. Today regarding climate change will still discussing whether or not when already noticed this breath.

Extreme weather devastation

Where are the deniers of climate change? Even a year ago at the height snowstorm in the Northeast US, a congressman of science committee had the nerve to show a snowball and questioning the science on global warming; Today the Northeastern US which has almost summer temperatures, we should ask him where are his hidden snowball.

At Christmas 2013 and 2014 entry a sudden cold wave in the summer of Antarctica caused hilarity of the skeptics remain stuck in the ice boat exploring the consequences of global warming and the subsequent stranded of those who went to rescue. Everything very ironic but as I explained in "Will be arriving Global Cooling?" Global warming is much more than get hot.

Year 2014 began with a pair of polar vortex and ice growth in the Antarctic but ended up being the warmest year ever recorded. However hot hasn’t stopped at anywhere in the world. Heat waves have been distributed throughout the world regardless of the climate regime in the region. Compared the 2015 year has been extremely hot.

For the first time climate change has been present for anyone, no matter whose eyes closed. Just before all mankind climate has shown its most unpleasant face. I could list all of floods, droughts, wildfires and hurricanes / typhoons that have beaten on human societies. Thousands of dead, displaced, ruined is the balance that our climate has left tired and damaged after its passage.

Millions people roam to planet go looking for a new life. Many unfortunately are the result of the war; but most are climate refugees, it is because a series of disasters has left nothing or simply succumbed and their world has become uninhabitable. The large refugee problem is not so much the drama of abandoned land that had been their home and their ancestors; but also reaching areas on the edge of survival, where there are internal conflicts because the survival of its inhabitants is also at stake. Today, refugees can travel greater distances higher to a meridian quadrant trying to find a place to stay for survival.

The exponential growth of the human population has exacerbated the problem beings. Only to feed ourselves we have destroyed ten times more nature than we have done throughout our history. Today the umbrella of nature we literally burned. Natural systems in most of the world are kind of museum called natural; when the eccentric pressure is not par for human greed. Tenfold the population  by 10 means multiplying by 10 the emissions and tenfold by 10 the resource consumption; but unfortunately the world is not growing. If the CO2 emitted must be absorbed by nature, a growth of 10 implies absorption capacity reduced to one tenth. The consequence is the exponential growth of CO2 in atmosphere.

Congresmant do the ridiculous

We ended the year with consequences caused by "El Niño" climate phenomenon that has nothing to do with climate change. Nor are the polar vortex hurricane / typhoon or monsoon; all of them are completely separate phenomena to climate change. But its virulence, yes. As I said in "Really are temperatures stopping its rice?”  temperature isn’t the main parameter but rather parameters such as accumulated energy and the concentration of greenhouse gases are what governs climate. The extreme harshness of the climate is the result of the amount of energy accumulated around the climate system. But there is more data problematic. The temperature of the deep waters of lakes and seas are starting to climb; this will leave the methane stoned in deep, increasing the amount of greenhouse gases (and the increase of volume of sea water for warming expansion that sums to melding of ice).

The situation is so desperate that first it seems that governments want to put them seriously. But economic interests both state pressure lobbies make the force of words is diluted. At the moment everyone has for the first time only the most obtuse (economic interest prevail because the future is only obtuse) sees that the danger is knocking on the door, the question is how long need to do something.

dissabte, 19 de desembre de 2015

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba (Christmas 2015)

Felicitació en català:
Earth along its orbit tirelessly returns to the starting point each year. This point is completely arbitrary, each culture has its; however we put this starting point we have established in our hemisphere when the day begins to regain lost ground in the evening, announcing the return of life. Solstices and equinoxes will happen in a ritual that from our perspective seems eternal, but that is only one more stage in the ritual of life and death of stars in a galaxy.

At this point of balance where we celebrate newcomers and we miss who left us, the passing of time shows as so clear. Children are becoming big and big people grow old. Life is like athletics tracks when come back at the starting point each four hundred meters, but with one lap more; after your strength exhausted and when you leave the witness at the next runner, just as it passed to you when you started to run.

It may seem that our existence is totally banal. In late is gone once we last met, our life will be concluded just when die the last who met us. Encyclopedias are full of names that mean nothing to anyone. But it is not true, our passage through life, each one of us, the passing of the follow us; conditions, not only those give witness, but the rest of generations until the end of our species; as in relay races, success isn’t due of who passes finish with the witness but the sum of what done every relay.

So, I hope that you celebrate the life’s spectacle, and the next orbit of our damaged planet you can live in the fullness transcendent things; and the rest Hakuna Matata.

This year I did something different as the postcard (I dare not describe it except very 'reckless') (the background you can heard is not some cats but  accompanying).

Bon Nadal i Bon Any  2016
Feliz Navidad y Prospero 2016
Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo 2016
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016
Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr 2016

PD to take scare postcard I give you the song that inspired the beginning of post

dissabte, 7 de novembre de 2015

More than words we need to solve Climate Change

A week from the Paris summit on Climate Change, the umpteenth summit short, it seems that already have a firm commitment. Despite rumors so that to achieve a global commitment has begun to thin, and certainly this end the umpteenth summit bankruptcy. The point is that we have the G20 and the EU to form the block of developed countries, these are countries that issue, as well as due to economic globalization oblige countries to be also highly polluting. And on the other side we have the capital world of the need to produce as much energy to transport, has opted for the safest source of energy are: fossil fuels. As I explained in "Why the oil and coal consumption increase every day?" Everyone is embarked on this energy, now leave it would cause many losses.

Extreme weather growth

We passed many years of climate conferences and summits with big headlines, statements, commitments and timetables which we never fulfilled. One reason for this was the lack of awareness of the problem that had public opinion. This was due to the lack of knowledge of the situation, in part because it has not begun to appreciate until now that the extreme weather impacts us, and above all to be confused with the cacophony that produce the amount of environmental messages calls on this topic.

Although the most important reason is the economy. As I said, our world colonized by the fossil fuels: oil, gas and coal. Renewable energy sources do not provide the flexibility or power you have fossils when something problematic for many processes requires a lot of energy at peak times, which would require a rethinking of global energy use and in the context of free will as the current is impossible. Moreover, the business of the fossil is a consolidated business: distribution operation, assured customers, raw materials for more than a century, and financing secured. Oil has become a safe business with a lot of money invested that are difficult to recover; therefore the financial economy allied with fossil energy to block, delay and pressure all possible measures.

Fossil energy has kidnapped the economy. In the same way that agricultural products are bought long before there even to cultivate the fields, oil futures also purchase. The miracle that still maintains high oil prices is that the price of oil extracted today was set some years ago. Today with the fall in demand and the intrusion of hydrocarbons obtained from unconventional way, the price would fall and consequently ruin investors; but these investors, as happened in the housing crisis, which have been securitized and a fall of this price will be ahead of the financial economy, in what is called the Bubble Coal.

Today we play mislead regarding climate while the weather worsens. However Paris has come concern. Input the rapid increase of CO2 (In 30 years it has increased the pace of accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere) and the evidence of that methane hydrides begin to release the seabed (The fossil CO2 is going out Permafrost) has alerted authorities that they believed to have things very controlled. However the current president of the USA (Obamaneeds a glorious end to his disastrous administration, has accelerated a global commitment to climate, this opens up hope though very weak because only a victory presumed Republican candidate, will retract the second biggest polluter of the World, its commitments. Urgent measures are needed especially because the situation is accelerating, but world leaders are still very busy with the economic crisis and the interests of lobbies, to pay attention putting attention on climate bubble if it bursts it delete us.

dissabte, 19 de setembre de 2015

Humans evolved towards Borg or we will fall in love to own smartphone

Some days before, one post title caught my attention: “In The Future We Will All FallMadly in Love With Our Toasters” (by Tom Critchlow). He pondered about the relation between us and our electronic kits. I used word kit with the two senses because our relation with the smart phone is deeper than own sons.

What are a person when the lamp has the same reactions
Is Pinokio only a lamp?

It could possible to fall in love with the cat. However it’s a living being and gives you its senses and affection (cat sometimes, dog forever and ever). But toast is something and inanimate, nevertheless in this post shows the a little film (IsPinokio only a lamp? In Vimeo, but the extend version is linked below in Youtube) when the lamp take animation and interacted with our movements and expression. I remember an old cat that every morning climbed on Romba (sweeping robot) which carry it for all the house, but the most interest was seeing cat go to Romba when it was stop and remained at its side making companion (I don’t know if Romba cried when cat has death).

To take affection to anything makes us more humans, but smartphones its other history, and it has other perverse connotation. The Borg are a science-fiction alien species (Star Trek series) which is characterized by the obsession to homogenize and assimilate other forms of intelligent life which my have in the galaxy; they live in a kind of unique consciousness in which individuals are interconnected between them. They also have a system of absolute monarchy where the queen, like ants or bees, orders and makes decisions. But that system hasn’t any sense within this social organization; because this purpose, to make decisions, it would has this global consciousness. In short, as we invented the role of bees queens imitating humans monarch, while really they only have the task is to give birth eggs, and decisions are taken collectively each group of bees of the same tasks; the writers have created a queen imitating a social organization that doesn't exist, and at the same time it would be less operational.

Either way humans have a social structure based on circles, family, friends, acquaintances ... at the same time a pyramidal organization, based leaders, gregarious and gregarious of the gregarious. We like to be in contact group and we need this. But this usually has a handicap: our reasoning requires concentration and introspection. So the human being grows, first through what exchanges with the rest of their peers, and on the other with reflection alone with our own about what we see and experience.

Normally we have the image of the sage as one who flees the crowd. This makes sense because the crowd is addictive. If we remember the best moments of our lives we realize that almost none is alone. But the crowd or simply be accompanied requires being attentive to the evolution of the group, and that limits our action to simple linked or not to the dynamics of that group operational work. For study or reflection solitude is needed, although really the wise never is alone because otherwise he loses touch with reality and he will be going to mad.

The new social networks have increased worldwide awareness of almost exponentially to connect academics from all over the world. They feed back their findings, but to make a breakthrough everyone has to do their job. Even today where everything is done as a team, each member has their role that does alone, being the power of the group to coordinate work efficiently, at the same time comment or ask for help from classmates. Without introspection there isn’t mental growth.

But these networks, which at the end of the conch they are still a business, have been extended to the maximum possible customers. What is a communication facility has become an obsession. In any public transport we can see how many people call and ask a family member “How are you feeling?” Normally if you keep the conversation is someone who has seen few hours ago, continuing with these classic conversations that we make to can say something and keep talking.

Borg Queen

Although the technology to move forward with applications and bandwidth, it occurs something even more perverse. Today if we look at bus stops, waiting rooms or bars; we see a lot of people glued to their mobile, following lists of sentences with or without pictures attached. This is the Time List of different social networks, and while they are stuck to their life runs around them. Gradually their world is reduced to those lines attached to the image of an avatar which it occupies more and more time, reducing the time that one dedicates oneself. As I said it's addictive, it would become these social networks as a kind of endless colonies where everything you do is in perpetual company of your contacts.

As explained at the beginning of the Borgs are aliens (fictional) who haven’t own life because the whole hive is interconnected at all times. Surely we are far from the Borg or one similar to human Matrix existence, but if anyone starts making the effort to contain it, and our technology gets implemented mobile phone in our brain (which is not so far as it seems) before long we will live in hives like the Borg.